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Missionary Marilyn -- Substitute at Rift Valley Academy

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Holding hands - RVA.

This is about getting involved with

How To Support

Pray for confirmation

Pray for confirmation of us going by having all the needed pieces line up. This a really short time for preparation. Or clarity that RVA should not have us, though RVA and we are moving at full speed on this as if all of the doors will open.

Provide knowledge and wisdom

Provide knowledge and wisdom for us as we have never gone on such a venture before.

Pray for peace

Pray for peace in the hectic preparaton because in less than a month until we hang this sign. It is less than a month until we hang this sign.

Support team

Promote the growth of a support team for Missionary Marilyn.
  1. Click on Share on posts or comments on Missionary Marilyn's Facebook Page.

    Share on Facebook.

  2. Click on the Like button on posts and comments that you like on Missionary Marilyn's Facebook Page.

    Like on Facebook.

  3. Talk face to face about Missionary Marilyn.
  4. Hand out Missionary Marilyn support cards.
  5. Remember her web site is missionarymarilyn.julianlocals.com
  6. Write and send an email to a few friends, including a link to the website http://missionarymarilyn.julianlocals.com

Provide support for family

Provide support for her family in our absence for additional responsibilities they will be incurring.

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